Friday, 7 May 2010


Kit said...

Hi Fam Irvoll,

Hope you are still using this blog, This is Kit from Pico International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Our company work for local shopping mall decoration and coming we will have a proposal related to spring fashion. We think your art pieces are fit in and would like to see if you are interest to show some of your dress in mall.

It would be appreciated if you also interest to come to Hong Kong to shown up at the spring decoration kick off event. (which will held at end of March)

Looking forwards for your reply and below my info for your ref.

Kit Chan
Pico International (HK) Ltd.
dir: (+852) 2660 4436
mob: (+852) 6010 9031

Fabiana Pio said...
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Anonymous said...

Uau! I Loved the tattoos! I went to Press Day by Blow PR in London and I've just posted about your brand and Little Cupcakes! The collections are amazing and different!

The girl in the lookbook for Little Cupcakes is beautiful!! I have a niece gorgeous as well, maybe you'd be interested in her for your next collection for 2 years old...

I hope you enjoy FaBoutique.